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90km/h problem

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Hey there,


You need to do both of the following:

1-) Disable the speed limiter in your ETS2/ATS settings (Book Here)
2-) Disable the speed limiter in the TruckersMP tab menu (Book Here)
3-) You could join a server that has the speed limiter disabled completely after doing steps 1 & 2. (Optional)
4-) Steps 1 & 2 on a server with a speed limiter enabled it will limit you to 110kmh/68mph
5-) Any speed on External Contracts cannot go more than 90 km/h. 
* To go more than 90 km/h have to remove the limiter and taking those not speed game on External Contracts.

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Hey there,


we are glad to hear that your Problem has been solved! Thank you all for the helpful answers <3


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