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How to change the forum username



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The forum name is synced with your main TMP name. Therefore, the forum name displayed will be the one you set on your TMP profile page. In order to change your TMP name, head here, click on "Account settings" and fill in the "Username" field. Once you have changed your name, you will need to re-log into the forum to see it chaged here.

Usually findable between Western Germany and Denmark.


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Hello :) 


Please look this topic. The forum name is the same as your ingame name. In order to change it you have to change the name of your TMP profile.

NOTE: After changing a name, you must wait 2 weeks to change a name.


Best Regards,


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The only way to change your forums name is by TruckersMP. Your  TruckersMP name is the same as your forums name you can find that in your  settings in Truckersmp.


-log in Teuckersmp.com

-click  your  name on top right

-click settings

-click account settings 


 (Just right under that you will find where it says "username" there you can chnage your name. Once you have gottten the name you wanted type in your TruckersMP passowrds under "current password" )


-then click save

-go to forums 

-log out

-log back in


Note: once you have changed your name you have 2w before  you can make a new name so choose wisely.



Kind regards,

-Arctic Wolf l Viva Trucking 


Stay happy and safe

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This topic has been inactive for more than 5 days and thus the topic will be moved to Unsolved topics.

If you still need help, feel free to submit a support ticket here: https://support.truckersmp.com/

I want to thank everyone, who helped with the problem! ^_^


Kind regards,


//Locked & moved to Unsolved

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