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  1. [Tian-Yu]"005"<X k>

    How to change the forum username

    How to change the forum user name, I can not find that place.Can you help me?
  2. [Tian-Yu]"005"<X k>

    New Mexico DLC Giveaway

    Please look at my work,I like American Truck Simulator multiplayer mode. https://prnt.sc/k47jgh
  3. [Tian-Yu]"005"<X k>

    Truck skin: Fragment. How to have

    I have solved the problem. Thank you for your answer.
  4. [Tian-Yu]"005"<X k>

    Truck skin: Fragment. How to have

    Can you tell me its code I like this skin very much, I want to have it I want to have the code for this skin I hope you can help me, thank。 https://prnt.sc/jy4e8t https://prnt.sc/jy4eay
  5. [Tian-Yu]"005"<X k>

    “Random event”synchronization

    Game:ETS2 TMP Mod Version: Controllers Used:Handle Description of Issue: Whether random events can be synchronized How to reproduce:Because random events cause an accident to Player,In particular, on the C-D Road, "random events" barriers may be prohibited.,Be mistaken to be reckless driving Screenshots / Videos:https://prnt.sc/jlfje6
  6. [Tian-Yu]"005"<X k>