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WOT won't work with 1.31.1



Hey there!

I have to play ATS since I want to be a part of the big WOT event "Big Sur". I downgraded the game since the mod didn't support 1.31.2. I started the game and connected my WOT account with ATS and logged in. Then WOT says that I can't play this version of ATS (1.31.1). So what am I supposed to do now? Wait for the TMP devs to update the client just because WOT don't like 1.31.1?




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Hey there, 

Plesae wait it's a be a patient! And You want to play normal atsmp Select to the this version temporary_1_31.- 1.31x for incompatible mods

The last Scs Software update not supported by TruckersMP's Multiplayer mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 please wait to fix update from TruckersMP Developers

You can find new update change.log for Scs Software here



When TruckersMP Update the servers you can find here (Change.log) for TruckersMP


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You Can't paly Big Sur Event While In 1.31.1s 

Because Highway 1 as it is.

In 1.31.2s Highway 1 Have landslide with 2 Points to pick up and drop spot.


Therefore, You Have to update the game to do Operation Big Sur.

For More Reference visit http://blog.scssoft.com/2018/06/operation-big-sur-starting.html


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