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How to remove the speed limit - Help


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Please follow these steps:

  • Disable the speed limiter in your ETS2/ATS settings 
  • Disable the speed limiter in the TruckersMP tab menu
  • You could join a server that has the speed limiter disabled completely after doing steps 1 & 2. (Optional)
  • Steps 1 & 2 on a server with a speed limiter enabled it will limit you to 110kmh/68mph
  • Any speed on External Contracts cannot go more than 90 km/h.


please try to close the speed limit(90km/h) from the game files;


Just open C:\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\ and navigate into the folder of your current profile. Open 'config.cfg' with a Text Editor, 
search for the line "uset g_use_speed_limiter" and make sure to put a "0" next to it.

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