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Check box to Synchronising the rain.


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Suggestion Name: Check box to Synchronising the rain.

Suggestion Description: I saw answers like the Anriandor's answer in previous suggestions.  Why not add a check box like winter mod check box to solve the problem of people that don't like this feature?

Any example images: n/a

Why should it be added?: So that whoever wants to have synchronized rain and who does not want has the option to decide. For example when you go with friends there are differences with visibility and lights. It is simply not realistic or rather immersive.

P.S: Is it true that rain do not affect the tires? In eurotruck there are different types with different characteristics. At least I had the feeling that some had more grip than others.

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Guest Anriandor

//Moved to TruckersMP Services.


PS: Yes, it is. You will not suddenly drive worse because it is raining.

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Guest S̶ ̶p̶ ̶a̶ ̶r̶ ̶k̶ ̶i̶ ̶e̶

+1 From me, I like to have rain on at times and I don't want to be driving down the road with my windsheild wipers on when nobody else knows that I have rain. So if it just rained occasionally for all players with rain turned on that would be a nice addition.

From the physics.sii file you can see rain braking difficulty is at 0.2 (1 means no traction). SCS states in a comment inside that file "By default, you have 80% grip in the rain."

(Also, each individual type of road, including dirt has a different level of grip in the rain-making quarries a challenge to get out of.)

Of course better tires make the rain feel nonexistant. 80% traction is more than enough to drive a truck-and for the people that just want speed, it could be turned off.

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Added section regarding traction
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Yes thats will be great






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