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Hello @GamerTomHD
Please Apply the Steps I Write;
1-)If your login information work for https://truckersmp.com/ but you can't login ingame you should try one of these fixes. 
2-)First of all make sure you're logged in with the same Steam account which you were on when you registered at TruckersMP.
3-)Open notepad or a text editor.
4-)You need to write 2 rows, on 1st your email, on the 2nd your password.
5-)Now, copy the email from notepad and paste it in the ingame login screen using keyboard shortcut keys (CTRL+C for copy, CTRL+V for paste)
6-)Do the same for the password.
8-)If the solution didn't work, you must have a strange character in the password that can't be recognized by the login system ingame.
9-)To bypass this problem, you should change your account password to only latin letters (a to z) and digits (0-9). Please notice that by doing this your password might lack in strength.
10-)In order to change your password, you must login at https://truckersmp.com/ press Edit Account, insert the new password twice confirm the old password twice and then press save data.
11-)I hope that one of these fixes worked and you`re now able to login ingame.
If the problem is not solved;
The End -)You can create a ticket. https://support.truckersmp.com/

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