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No jobs in the list? Here's what to do!

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You've got no jobs on your job list, what do you do? Follow this guide, and I will talk you through how to fix your jobs list


  1. Close ETS2, but keep Steam open
  2. Open your ETS2 profiles folder in your Documents (on Windows, this is usually "C:\Users\[your user name here]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles")
  3. Navigate to the profile in which the issue is occuring (if unsure, look at the date in which the fodler was "modified" and this will tell you which is which, as long as your last used profile was the one you are having problems with)
  4. Open config.cfg with a program. Anything as simple as Notepad can open it, as it is not one of those "awkward" documents
  5. Navigate to "uset g_force_economy_reset", usually the 9th line down in the document.
  6. Next to the command, change the number in the speech marks ("#") to 1 (it should be 0, if not then you may have to start your game and close it again)
  7. Save (Ctrl + S is the quickest) and exit out of the document.
  8. Re-open TruckersMP/ETS2
  9. A dialog will appear when loaded acknowledging that it has etetcted a change in the settings, just okay this (note your truck will be parked at its garage due to this change)
  10. Done! The number in the document will reset back to 0, so you can redo this when it occurs again.


So why did this happen?

If you use Quick Jobs, then this is your direct problem. In MP, there are often glitches with the Quick Jobs, mainly because of the time change when you load in. This method might be handy with that as you will be marked as late for your job if you load straight in with a quick job.


If you own a truck, then this might be one of rare glitches and you shouldn't really worry.

However if this keeps on happening, test single player. If the problem does happen then I would advise that you contact SCS Software (the creators of ETS2) as this might be a problem with the software. If the problem doesn't happen then keep on using this method. If it bugs you too much, contact TruckersMP support, and explain the issue to them.


I know alot of people already know about this trick, but I wanted to highlight it to those beginners on TruckersMP who might be experiencing this problem for the first time (as I was in that position not so long ago)


I hope this guide was helpful, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have anymore issues about this problem which I didn't mension in the main post. Thanks :D

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We can't accept your topic. @WelshGaz has created a topic for that. Thanks for your interest ! 


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