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Hey there :)


Please run the TruckersMP executable as an administrator and once open please hit F1 on your keyboard, then click 'install available updates', once finished try and start up and see if you can connect to the servers.

Please also make sure that you have steam open at the time of opening the mod and also make sure to check if there are any ETS 2 updates on steam, make sure that you download them.

You see that specific message is pertaining to the ETS 2 base game so this is an issue with the mod either not detecting that you have the latest version installed or something else is bugged.


As a last resort if none of the above solves your issue

1-) Completely re-install ETS 2, once re-installed open and choose Direct X 64 bit, then go into game and play a short job or something
2-) Exit and re-install TruckersMP again (as admin)
3-) Open TruckersMP (as an admin)
4-) See if the issue is resolved.


If the issue is still present even after trying these methods then please contact the official support team via this link who can help you further







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Hello :)

Follow these guides:

Solution 1: Close ETS2 via the task manager. Then run launcher as administrator.


Solution 2

1. Enable the VPN (Download and install any VPN.)

2. The launcher run as administrator.

3. Install available downloads.

4. Disable VPN.

5. "Launch ETS2" click on the button


Solution 3

1. Make sure your video card driver is up-to-date.
2. Choose Steam> ETS2> Settings> Confirm Game Files.
3. Documentation> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Back up and delete the config.php file.
4. Log in again by creating a new profile.


Solution 4

1. Try to restart your computer

2. Try to restart your router

3. Try to reinstall TMP completely! (That means: Delete the folder 'TruckersMP' in %programdata%. After that download the mod again! https://truckersmp.com/download)

4. Try to start the launcher as admin


Note: Make sure your firewall and your anti-virus don't block TMP!



Also read these topics, they will help you


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