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Ric Mad Mix [BR]

Game crash without error.

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For users reporting when they try to play online, press "drive" and the game goes back to windows desktop.


I had the same problem and searched on the forum for solutions. But could not find a final answer if the tips had worked or not. So I followed one of the tips and in my case the game is now working fine online. So, following the steps below, you also can solve your problem:


1. Uninstall TMP via windows

2. Open regedit. Search Truckersmp and delete every result

2.1 Open regedit and now search ETS2MP and delete every result

3. Manually delete any TruckersMP's folder created when laucher was installed

4. Download TMP laucher again

5. Install TMP laucher AS ADMINISTRATOR


I hope it works for you too.



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