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stay at one ATS Server

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Suggestion Description: Can we keep it at only one ATS server? Do not restart the Amercan server after the security patch.

Any example images

Why should it be added?: There is an increase in ATS now that there is more traffic from players there. I'm pretty sure most players like it this way, I do that's for sure.

We can anticipate on the lag and it will reduce the costs for TMP a bit. When there used to be 2 servers both where very empty and not intresting to drive on, now the ATS server is because you encounter alot more players even in the DLC counties. Please don't reject but allow discussion if not accepted straight away.

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I don't find this a good move because America players that play ATS EU server already suffer 100+ ms and at times it can spike up causing the player to have major lag causing their truck to appear as being stopped when actually they are still moving this has happened to me and a buddy and nearly caused an accident. I feel the servers should remain as is. 

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