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When chat is on and I use steam overlay, can't play anymore


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Mod Version:
Controllers Used: Logitech G29
Description of Issue: If I open chat using y , if I then go to steam overlay and then switch back, I am not able to switch off chat, unpause game, or disable tab. Not sure if I can drive but its not like I can with these windows there. I can type, but I cannot backspace or post the comment. This is a very annoying issue that happens way too often because of how easy it is to get wrong. Restarting fixes the game but this is really such a pain. 
How to reproduce: press y and go to steam overlay, then try to go back to game.
Screenshots / Videos: Easy to reproduce, please just check.


I only found one post about this issue: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/40450-game-stuck-when-i-shift-tab-enable-text-chat/&tab=comments#comment-392394 but it doesn't offer a solution to the problem and it is back from 2016.

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Hello @Hyu,


Thank you for your bug report. Whilst this is a known bug, there are no plans to fix it soon as all that is required to fix this is to make the pause button (Currently F1) a button on your mouse or joystick as the reason why this happens is that your keyboard is disabled when the game is paused. 


//Locked & moved

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