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ETS2 multi not working?



So. ETS2 is working fine when i start it from Steam, so does ATS. 

ATS is working fine from the MP launcher too, but ETS2 is not. Its not showing the SCS loading screens etc, and when its time to pick your profile, my cursor isnt moving anywhere.  <-- Keep in mind, this happens only on the MP launcher, not on single player, and only on ETS2.


Any ways to fix this? I have uninstalled and installed TruckersMP, so there is no way that im using old launcher (And the ATS is still working tho).


My game version is
My Launcher version is

https://gyazo.com/caab641fe50c75542a213fc96b8e39a9 Here is everything i can see, and the WOT signal is moving, so my game isn crashed..

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