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Loading screen - crash



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Welcome to the forums.


To start off, I have  a few questions for you:


1. Does this occur in singleplayer? 

2. What sort of crash are you experiencing? e.g. 'ets2.exe has stopped working' or 'fatal error' crashes? 

3. Do you have any wheels connected?


If you answer the questions above, I can provide a more specific answer.


However, for now - please try the following solutions:


Solution 1: (General crashing, 'ets2.exe has stopped working')

> Go to Steam

> Steam Library

> Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator

> Properties

> Local Files

> Verify integrity of game files

> Wait for the process to complete, then attempt to launch MP.



Solution 2: (Fatal Error)


Instructions for solution 2 are found on the official support guide attached above. 


Solution 3: (General step to always be followed)


Always run the launcher with administrator privileges. 


Solution 4: (If you have any sort of wheels connected)


> Unplug your wheel

> Launch ETS2 SP

> Go to Options

> Controls

> Disable 'Fore Feedback' by unchecking the tick box



The ETS2MP Beginner Save, fix my problem.
TIP: NEVER open the save that you use on Multiplayer on Single Player. If you do that, the save gets corrupted


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