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Ultimate Guide to Reporting Users


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The Ultimate Guide to Reporting Users


Table of Contents:

  1. How to find the information needed for a report.
  2. How to Make a Web Report.
  3. What Makes a Good Report?
  4. Report being declined?


1. How to find the information needed for a report.

InGame Pinfo

1.1a - Find the InGame ID of the user (the number in brackets at the end of their name) eg: "El1teZombiezHD (123)"


1.2a - Open the chat by pressing "Y" and type "/pinfo [ID]". eg: "/pinfo 1"

1.3a - Take note of the "TruckersMPID" or make sure it is in your evidence for future reference.



InGame Report Window

1.1b - Find the users InGame ID / Name on the TAB Menu. Select it and Click report at the Bottom Right.


1.2b - The users' "TruckersMPID" can then be found in the Report Window


1.3b - Take note of the "TruckersMPID" or make sure it is in your evidence for future reference.


Game Logs


1.1c - Navigate to Documents > ETS2MP / ATSMP > Logs > log_spawning_dd.mm.yyyy.log and open it with Notepad or a Text Editor

1.2c - Press CTRL+F and type in the users InGame ID / Name


1.3c -Take note of the "TruckersMPID" or make sure it is in your evidence for future reference.


2. How to Make a Web Report.


So, you've been rammed or found a rule breaker and got it on evidence. What do you do now?

First of all, you need to be logged into your TruckersMP Account on the Website and navigate to the Report section - My Account > Reports (http://truckersmp.com/reports/


2.1 - Click New Report at the Top Left 


2.2 - Fill Out the Form you are Provided With


Perpetrator (TruckersMP ID Only) - The unique Player ID That you got from section 1

When Did it Happen - A Rough Estimate of the Time that the Incident Occurred (in UTC)

Server - What Server the Incident took Place on.

Reason - The reason you are reporting the user

Language - The Language that you are submitting the report in / the language that is used in the evidence

Evidence - Here you can post your Evidence. Videos (YouTube / PlaysTV / Dropbox / Google Drive etc...) Screenshots (Imgur / prnt.sc / hizliresim etc...) 

Your Evidence Must NOT be taken down or deleted after the report has been accepted. It must stay available for the length of the users ban and an extra 1 month


2.3 - Wait & Be Patient for the Administration Team to Respond.

Once your report has been submitted it will look like this


Please be patient and wait for the Administration Team to respond and deal with your report 

This may take a long time depending on the amount of reports we currently have in our system


2.4 - Success!

Once your report has been accepted, the admin would have left a comment and the status will change from "New" to "Accepted"



3. What Makes a Good Report?


A good report shows the incident very clear and gets to the incident straight away.

  • Gets Straight into the Incident
  • Clear view to what happened
  • Decent Quality
  • Short Clip that shows the incident
  • Includes a Timestamp if your video is 1/2 Minutes or More.
  • Has evidence on Trusted / Commonly Used Websites 

Example of a good report video:

This incident took place on a Private Server under controlled conditions


4. Report Being Declined?


Does your report get Declined or you don't know what the reasons mean?


Wrong ID - You have reported the wrong user or submitted evidence for the wrong user reported.

Evidence Added to Ban - Your evidence has been added to the current ban of the user.

Insufficient Evidence - The evidence provided is not enough for a ban. eg: Providing a screenshot for someone Blocking or Ramming.

No Evidence - You have not provided us with any evidence whatsoever.

Already Banned for this Evidence - The evidence you provided has already been used against this user.

User already Banned - The user reported has already been banned by another admin.

Only Kickable Offence - The punishment for the incident in your evidence would only be an InGame kick.

Not Banable Offence - The evidence shows no evidence worthy of a ban.

No Timestamp - You have provided a long video and not provided no Timestamp.


Thanks for reading. I hope this has helped you in understanding how to make a web report correctly.




[TruckersMP InGame Admin]

[TruckersMP Media Team]

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Kind Regards,


[TruckersMP Retired Team Member (Ex-Game Moderator)]



If you are replying to me, please @mention me (@El1teZombiezHD ) or quote my message otherwise I may not respond

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Guest User_2146087

It was a very successful guide, a good explanation for those who do not know

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Never posted here. Just wanted to leave an LOL on how to report...Im at lvl 141+ , been rammed by a few sissies , met a lot of good folks and giving a heads up to all the reporters i didnt even know existed .. Im Mr White. Im from the armpit of LA. We invented road rage. We dont dial 911... LMFAO. Have a nice day...

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