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How can I have Admin authority ?



Hi, Forum keepers,


My online account is 387887518@qq,com.


First of all, I am a conservative player. I enjoy driving and delivering cargo.


Almost, I observe traffic rules but i may over speed sometimes :)


What I want to complain is that: 


Some big port city like Rotterdam, there are so many people don't keep traffic rules. Ignore traffic light, hit my ass , violent language, converse driving.


Even some admin who drive Police Car, they hit my car without any reason.  


Please check the clip as reference and evidence.   



I call them bad players. Obviously, they are hard to be seen in DLC map.


I want to have the right to ban those bad players. Please tell me how to obtain the right?

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12 minutes ago, InSaNeNiTe said:

Hello welcome to the forums ill start but saying #1 the car that hit you wasnt a admin admins cars have BLUE lights on the roof not orange

and to become a admin check this link


Could you please describe the ADMIN CAR ? my friends told me that Admin drive car with alert light. Norman players couldn't have the car with alert light.

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