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I have a few questions for you if you don't mind :)

Firstly, what is the top priority when it comes to features in the multiplayer mod? 

Serverside economy has previously been said to be implemented once SCS stops supporting the game, and the mod goes into beta. However, it doesn't look like SCS will stop supporting the game anytime soon. Will you still stick to this plan?

This last one might be a bit more technical and specific, but is there a way to give the user control over different draw-distances? I know there are some sliders in the UI already, but even on max I can see details pop in. One example is light casted on the ground at night. On previous versions of the mod, you could see light casted by trucks far ahead, but now they just fade in right as you pass by. It's a small thing, but giving the user control over these things could provide a more optimized experience for each individual system. 


Thanks for your answers! 

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15 hours ago, English said:

@HumaneWolf I am very glad to hear that, I never use the in-game report system because I feel like my report does not get noticed... I only report on the website.

Well, to be fair, I was thinking of the website report system, however, work is being done in making the IG report system more efficient, and to help the admins do more and better work in game.

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