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Hello. I was wondering if you guys would consider the Idea of universal modding. So say every few months or so, the Truckers MP team or the community could pick a selection of mods that can be downloaded for everyone in a sort of DLC pack type idea. A bit like an update for Truckers MP every few months or so.



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There are multiple issues with mods:


  1. Download size: Download servers costs money and time to maintain and set up.
  2. Licensing: We need permission to redistribute to include it with the mods.
  3. Updates: We don't want our updates to be slowed down because other mods are not updated in time after the game is updated.
  4. Incompatibilities: Mods are, in their nature, somewhat untested and unstable, and can have unknown consequences when combined with other mods, or game updates.

As well as other reasons.

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