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ETS2MP constant crashes 3/31/2017



I am trying to play ETS2MP on Eu2 and I am getting constant crashes. They are random everything form 30 seconds to right when I log in. I am not the only one as lots of people are crashing and even my friends are when we try to play. Currently around the Calais-Duisberg highway. Is this an issues with a pending MP update or trying to push an update? ETS2MP crash log with this. 


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Hi rebootdancer,


A screenshot rather than a crash log would be useful to us in this case.


What kind of crash are you experiencing? Fatal errors, ets2.exe has stopped working, black screens e.t.c


However, for the mean time I will offer you a few solutions:


If you are receiving a fatal error or experiencing frequent crashing, then please follow the instructions mentioned in the guide below: 



Verifying your game files also can help with any crashes:


> Go to Steam Library

> Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2

> Properties

> Local Files

> Verify Integrity of Game Files

> Wait for the process to complete, then run in Direct X 64 bit.


If you are able to get back to me, we can narrow your issue down and offer you more specific solutions tailored to your problem. 


Best of luck. 


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Guest Wheezy

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