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Mike Dragon

Missing NCZ in NCZ

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Mod Version: Alpha
Controllers Used: Keyboard+Mouse
Description of IssueIt seems the NCZ of the Peterbuilt dealership in Flagstaff is sort of malfunctioning. There is this one spot that is covered by the NCZ in all dealerships across the states but in this one in particular it doesn't seem to be. On the screenshots below I have my truck (the red W900 next to the Repair Shop icon) parked at the exact spot the NCZ is not in effect.
How to reproduce: Simply park on the spot described.
Screenshots / Videos:




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Guest Wheezy

Hi There,

This bug report has expired and will now be closed.

If you still experience this issue, feel free to make a new bug report and we will see what we can do in regards to helping you fixing the issue

Thanks & Happy Trucking!


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