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Possible fix for game freeze/crashing with any advance on Game time.

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Hello everyone,  as you all may know that when playing ETSMP, some players are experiencing lengthy freezes while others are simply crashing. I myself never really played ETSMP for that reason.  After recently joining the support team and helping countless other players on this very issue and solving them,  I thought to share the steps on how to possibly fix this. 


Please note that this is no guaranteed fix but has a high success rate. 


  1. If your Game is freezing for a long period it is because the mod Is attempting to its game time with the core game time. (SP & MP times are quite different)!
  2. Go in company manager (this may be a pain) and fire all of your drivers first. 
  3. Save your progress then completely close the game
  4. Go into your Euro Truck Simulator 2 documents folders and select/highlight the your last profile (look at last modified) then with it highlighted hit the delete button.  (Again I know it could be a pain)

Launch ets2mp and once at the profile section create a new profile. 


please note: the reason for this process is because if your game never catches up or just crashes,  it is more then likely that your profile somehow has gotten corrupt hense will not recover unless it's completely removed. 


Please let me know if this helps,  thanks! 


Please keep all comments related to this topic if possible :)

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