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I have the exact same issue! also created a thread about it, but i post my log here also, might helpful!

[08:11:58] <info> Logger started!
[08:11:58] <info> Game version is supported. Base address: 00007FF5FB8C0000 Signature: a2ffa88cdb93
[08:11:58] <info> [net] <Http async> creating thread...
[08:11:58] <info> [net] <Http async> thread created.
[08:11:59] <info> [dx9] Display init.
[08:11:59] <info> [win] Keyboard input initialized. Input resolution = 2560x1440.
[08:12:00] <info> [dx9] Device initialized.
[08:12:00] <info> [di8] Mouse input initialized.
[08:12:04] <info> Fetching servers status..
[08:12:04] <info> Game started
[08:12:40] <info> Fetching servers status..
[08:12:42] <info> [dx9] Device deinitialized.
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