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  1. I have the exact same issue! also created a thread about it, but i post my log here also, might helpful!
  2. I'm getting it over and over again, just deleted the old logfile to shot it clean And i don't get why ATS or ETS have a huge load on my cores, starting from 50% (100% @ 2 Cores) and than step by step it eats core 3 and 4 till i get 100% load on my rig, have to kill the exe in taskmanager! Even one time my rig froze completely while waiting in ATSMP itself to get servers... And singleplayer in both games are running fine (even tho ATS is horrific optimized.... drops to 25FPS on a GTX 980 Ti) but what i noticed JUST in cabin, birdview or any other outside cam are working fine.... will report that to the devs from scs
  3. As the title says, i getting no freaking server in ATS or ETS If i close the game i get 100% load on all cores armtrucks.exe and the ets2 exe Logfile
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