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game unplayable issue?



everytime i play mp all I see is trucks freezing on screen and then I end up hitting into them but on there screen they where still moving i know this could be lag but there where only 5 trucks near me and my computer lagged and froze can I really not handle 5 trucks on screen? 



anyways it kicked me off the game with the following message you where kicked because your ping was too high there where only 5 trucks near me...


somethings messed up?



either that or my processor is dying 

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Can you do a test on speedtest.net and then reply with your results? Because if you have ping issues it is most likely your internet connection.

Or can you post you pc specs?

My pc specs:

PALIT Nvidia GeForce GTX 750ti OC edition with 2gb of gddr5 ram

8gb Crucial 1600mhz DDR3 ram

AMD Piledriver FX 6350 clocked at 4.2ghz

1tb Hybrid Drive

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

500watt EVGA power supply

Gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3

Corsair Carbide Spec-03 Case with orange lighting.



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Speedtest.net will only be of use if you run it testing the Gravelines (France) server, tha's the nearest point to ETS2MP servers. If you run a default test, it'll always try your nearest server, so results will show more accurately your download and upload bandwith, but not the ping to the game servers, which is the issue here, try again selecting this server:



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