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  1. I have downloaded the multiplayer mod worked fine yesterday but today it says error unsupported version whenever I try launch ets2mp I have updated my euro truck simulator 2 to the lastest version 1.39 but still unable to play the multiplayer mod is there something I am doing wrong? is the 1.39 beta the right version to play the multiplayer mod? it was working fine yesterday and now it always gives me an error whenever I try launch ets2mp which is a shame because was looking forward to jumping on again but everytime I have reinstalled the multiplayer mod after updating it still gives me an error no idea how to fix it or if I have the wrong beta version selected.
  2. hi I used to play ets2mp on my old laptop alot but today I crashed near rotterdam and I use to always press f7 enter to respawn my truck however ever since I got my new laptop I cant f7 enter when i press f7 enter my f7 button has the mute icon so it just mutes the sound instead of giving me the option to respawn my truck is there anyway in the game options where you can change the default keybind somehow to another key?
  3. when you run the ets2mp it says connecting to steam then launches in singleplayer?
  4. help so some guy on the motorway who was driving infront of me on the EU2 ets server removed his trailer infront of me then just left it there and he just stopped in the middle of the motorway he didn't say anything in chat idk what he was doing or the point of this is I honked at him but he just left his trailer there what was he trying to do? can anyone help what do i do?
  5. whenever i drive past rotterdam i get huge fps drops with ym computer freezing for a few seconds but I see other people with on lag at all how do they not lag when there are 50+ trucks around rotterdam what computers do they have?
  6. ^these where my results http://prntscr.com/9zdmje
  7. i just got loads of money for no reason i was just fueling my truck decided to sleep and my money went skyhigh what is this?
  8. everytime i play mp all I see is trucks freezing on screen and then I end up hitting into them but on there screen they where still moving i know this could be lag but there where only 5 trucks near me and my computer lagged and froze can I really not handle 5 trucks on screen? anyways it kicked me off the game with the following message you where kicked because your ping was too high there where only 5 trucks near me... somethings messed up? either that or my processor is dying
  9. whenever i try to play ets2mp it says you must have the latest version on steam i have already downgraded to the temporaly 1.21x beta and it still says i need to install the latest version on steam i have already tried to run it as administrator and redownloaded the mod that does not work and i have tried to downgrade twice which didn't work it is unplayable whenever i try run the mp mod does anyone have the same problem and know how i can fix this? thanks.
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