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What is the PHP SDK on the download page?

SimulatorSam [UK]


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It's quite simple if you know what you're doing..


This might not be the best way of doing it but it works for me :')


 include('extra/TruckMPApi.php'); // Calls the MP API for use. $api = new TruckMPApi(); // Creates the API class.$servers = $api->GetServers(); // Gets the server information array. $eu_1_name = $servers[0]->shortname; // Gets the name of server 1. $eu_1_status = $servers[0]->online; // Gets the status of server 1. $eu_1_players = $servers[0]->players; // Gets the player count of server 1. if($eu_1_status){ // If the server is online  echo $eu_1_name ." - Online - ". $eu_1_players; // Show the short name and the player count.} else { // Otherwise.  echo "Server 1 Offline"; // say that it is offline.}


This is the basic part of it however the MP people have just styled the page to make it look more appealing. EG this is mine from the ST page.



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