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Cant load any profile





i cant load any profile. when i do want to load one it says game crashed select a quick save. so i chose one and than the game crashes. when i go to SP i can normally load my save 



I tryed to make a new profile and even with a fresh profile it gives me a crash. I tryed to reinstall ETS2MP mod. profiles are working fine on SP but none work on MP 

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1) Go to your Steam library

2) Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 and select Properties

3) Click betas tab and select "temporary_1_18_01"

4) Let update download and launch multiplayer


report back if there are any problems after that

Thx man it did work! 


how did u know this? and why my ets2mp randomly didnt work ? i have played before on 18.1 online 

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