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Promods 1.50

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Hello, @Aaronthekomikboi


According to the developers, they reported on the Promods discord server that they are working on this Due to critical technical issues that are very difficult to detect and resolve, the creation of test builds and the testing itself has been delayed for weeks. They are therefore much further behind schedule than they anticipated and it will take some time, and at this point it seems unlikely that ProMods will be released before the end of May. I read that they assure us to be patient and that they are working to deliver something good to the community and that this time it will be worth the wait, so in short we have to wait a short while


I wish you good forums.

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Hi @Aaronthefunnyboi,
How are you?


To add to what Teddy said earlier, I'm sending below a list of the problems that the ProMods team announced on their discord.

  • 1.50 handles textures differently. All texture images use two files, TOBJ and DDS. This version is much stricter, and both files need to be present in the mod, making texture overrides a bit tricky. If one of the files is missing, you either get no override at all, or the texture shows up as the purple checkerboard for missing textures.
  • due to changes regarding how prefabs work, all spawn points on our own prefabs broke. This broke all our custom companies, gas stations, service stations and even the garages. This problem was there for three weeks, and had to be solved by SCS, which was only solved last week, and a new test build was only released yesterday.
  • A few prefabs caused crashes when they get rendered. This was very annoying to pinpoint, because they left no trace in the log, and multiple prefabs in the same area triggered this crash.
  • Some of the prefabs were crashing the map and the minimap, without leaving a trace in the log, making it a pain to identify which one is the culprit. The latest tests show we still haven't fully solved this issue.
  • Recomputing takes much longer now. Recomputing is a process that regenerates every item on the map, and usually solves issues like " ghost garages" and the like, and we do this for every test build. Normally, this process took 1½ to 2 hours. Since 1.50 this is taking me 4 to 5 hours to complete. Since I'm doing this after work in the evening, I basically can do nothing else on the map for the whole evening. This gets worse if some corrupt item crashes the Recomputing process halfway. This has unfortunately happened a few times, slowing the test builds down even more.

MandelSoft via Promods Community Discord

Now all we have to do is wait.
I'm sure this will be for the better.

Regards and Good KMs ❤️

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ProMods developers have so far provided a lot of information about the work, including much more detailed information. Which, among other things, can be seen in the posts of this thread.


I can add something(as a curiosity) that has already appeared on the ProMods website, but this time it is less noticeable - it is simply one of the topics on their forum, and not something pinned on the main page. Namely, the "development cycle" is back. By the way, we learned that ProMods Europe for version 1.50 will be number 2.70


5 January 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 alpha 1 released to senior testers
13 January 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 alpha 2 released to senior testers
23 January 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 alpha 3 released to senior testers
18 February 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 alpha 4 released to senior testers
17 March 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 alpha 5 released to senior testers
5 May 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 beta 1 released to junior testers
14 May 2024 - ProMods Europe 2.70 beta 2 released to junior testers


source: https://promods.net/viewtopic.php?p=357714

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Ist das wirklich so schwer. Die 1.50 vom ETS2. Auf den Multiplayer Server zu bringen??. 

Es hat ja meisten ziemlich Schnell geklappt. Das man die Version schon ziemlich zeitnah in TMP Spielen konnte. Dachte immer erst man muss bloß nur was rüber ziehen an Dateien und ein ganz wenig nur bearbeiten. Ist halt ein wenig Schade das es jetzt ziemlich lange Dauerd. Aber man muss ja ab warten 

On 17.5.2024 at 09:10, InsanoDeath said:

Es wird keinen Promods-Server mehr geben, sobald TMP 1.50 unterstützta

Also ich glaube nicht was du da Schreibst. Das es überhaupt keine Promods Server mehr geben wird sobald die Promods dann ihrgend wann fertig ist glaube ich Schon. Das es wieder Server geben wird. Ich verlasse mich nur auf offizelle Berichte mal gucken was da alles noch kommt 

Marco Sungen 

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