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[ANSWERED][EM] Event Team Applications



Any idea when event team applications are likely to open again?? 

Looking back at past applications it was 2022 when event team applications were last open. This makes it very difficult to give new people who are generally interested a chance when Applications might only open once every couple of years. 

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Hello @MartinV90,


Thank you for your Event question!


At this moment in time, there is no planned recruitment for the Event Team applications to open as we currently have a strong team of 35 members in the ET. Our turnover for the role is very low as a lot of members stay in the role long term.

Recruitment is usually only recommended when the current team's structure isn't able to fulfil the work basically.


I can appreciate that we should be able to give new people a chance in the role however if the requirement from Event Management is not needed then we don't want to consider it just yet as it'll mean less work for the current team we have. 🙂


I'd like to thank you again for your questions, if you have any more, please give us a shout 👍




Event Management

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- Ky_James✌

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