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Broken W900



I know this is an issue with SCS and not the fault of TMP. But I was wondering if it was possible for one of you guys to fix the problem SCS caused! I have not seen any other users ask you guys this but can you fix the broken W900? We can no longer do the day cab cabin on a med or long frame. The cabin sinks into the ground and flips the truck over. This is very unfortunate in ATS because American culture loves long chassis day cab semi trucks. Especially farmers and loggers it's not phantasy it's just SAFTEY!!! Is it at all possible for you guys to fix this issue at least within the walls of TMP


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Hello there,


This topic was not active for 3 days. Due to this reason, this topic will be moved to the inactive section.


If you want to reopen this topic in order to get more replies or solutions, feel free to DM me or DM other supporters.




Kind regards,

TruckersMP Support


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