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Hello @oguzkerem32,


You mentioned that you had a problem I'm really sorry about that. You can be sure that I will do my best to help you.
First of all I see that you are new to the forum, welcome! If you need help, don't hesitate to contact me.

I see that your ban is now opened, so you can connect TruckersMP servers by using TruckersMP Launcher.


What is active ban?

  • Active bans are bans which are not older than 12 month counted from the expiration date of the ban. So your ban will be inactive on 30 Jun 2024 13:45.

What is colored dots next to ban?

  • Green dots = Active bans, counted towards history bans and recruitment periods.
  • Yellow dots = Bans over 1 year old, no longer active and don’t count towards history and recruitment.
  • Red dots = Deleted bans (Due to ban by mistake, incorrect evidence or upper staff deemed not worthy of a ban), not counted towards history or recruitment, and not seen by anyone other than you and staff members.

I hope I was able to solve your problem clearly. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I wish you a good day.

Kind regards,                                                                                                                          Languages that I know;

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Hi @oguzkerem32,

I would refer to this article, which elaborates well on what you are asking for: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1572

Basically "bans will stay on your profile history". If you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂 



Best Greetings,


TruckersMP  |  Master Trucker


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Hello there @oguzkerem32


First of all, welcome to TruckersMP Forum - Help section. 

My name is RedWolf [CZ] I Petr and I will be answering your question.


- > According to your screenshot, you have access to join to TruckersMP Servers as you got already unbanned. I think your ask should have refered to when does your active ban get deactivate? 

  • Since you currently have one ban active, you must wait 12 months from your last ban to be deactivate. So for example if your ban was issued today, then next year on this date your ban will expire and change the color to yellow (that means your ban is not longer active) 


§2.8 - How bans are issued (https://truckersmp.com/rules#2-game-only-rules

Any bans older than 12 months at the time of the new ban being issued are ignored, this 12 month period is the ban cooling-off period. Ban extensions are based on the active (less than 12 months old) bans at the time of expiration and will not be altered if a ban goes over the 12 month period while the ban is active. 


Hope I have answered your question

If you need any more furthur assistence, don't hesitate to quote me here  I will remain at your disposal. 


Kind Regards,

RedWolf [CZ] 

RedNub I TruckersMP

(ETS2 - 6,019 hours)



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