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Suggestion: Realistic Scout dashboard and mirror

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Suggestion Name: Realistic Scout car dashboard and mirror

Suggestion Description: I think that you should add a more realistic Scout Car's dashboars, with more options, speed display, etc. Like in images attached. Otherwise, I think that you should fix the FOV of the central mirror, when you're driving a car, you never see the rear seats through the mirror, you only see what you have in the back. It should be similar to the images attached.

Why it should be added: I think that it will improve the experience driving th car, and there're two things that I think that aren't too complicated to add.

Any example images: 





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Hello @Ericpascual06_


First of all, thank you for making thus suggestion and trying to give a some idea and make TMP better. 


After reading your suggestion I decided to say yea it might be cool. Otherwise the realistic dashboard is a bit same as is in game right know, isnt it? 


Likewise, thus is nice suggestion that might be accepted, who knows?  

Well, we don't know if the TMP have some tools/softwares to make it as good as it on the photos. Everything is about Addon-Team, don't worry they'll look and disscuss your suggestion 🙂


What I woud like see in the future is to see a car for example Mercedes, "I think it was added before for patreons" and make a real interior for it. The car would be permanent in the game for all the players or for patreons. Once again it's not easy thing to create that, so they probably will not make it, if yes it takes a lot of time.😊


Good Luck


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