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Sound issues since recent updates



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Hi @Euro_Trucker,

Did you make sure that your sound in the settings are correct? If this are the case, it will be helpfull if you could provide with more details, so i can help you out better.


Best Greetings 



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Hey there @Euro_Trucker


First of all, welcome here at TruckersMP Help section. Here we all provide the best help to each user across TMP plattform. 


As far as I read your issue, I decided it probably won't be caused by TruckersMP. 

If this is about the sound in your headpones, I don't think I would try to find for the problem in TruckersMP, as it could be a coincidence.


Haven't you updated your windows lately, which might change your settings a bit? 

Did you try to disconnect/also remove the headpones from Control Panels and connect it again? 


It's true that you can try reinstalling the launcher, but I don't think this will help you

And also, for future assistence, I would ask if you give us as much information as possible about current issue as we have better cooperation and we know what to advise. 


Have a good day! 



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