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Reverse Parking Challenge in American Truck Simulator

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Reverse parking can often prove to be a demanding task. I am intrigued to know which particular locations or scenarios in American Truck Simulator have presented the most difficulty for you personally when it comes to reverse parking.

If you could kindly spare a moment to share your insights, I would be immensely grateful if you mention the company name / city as well.


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The bigger challenge I get is the generic Walbert distribution centers and backing into those loading docks to pick up a load or getting into any of the generic Eddy's grocery stores. The only other time I can recall having a real rough time getting into a spot was at the Plaster & Sons construction yard near Los Angeles right off of I-5. That was not a case of backing up issues but turning around problems. I didn't have space to turn around in the yard with a sleeper and 53' flatbed and I had to pull some stupid manuevers to manipulate the trailer to avoid hitting a concrete barrier and a few parked trailers in the yard.


I'll give you an insight into backing up based on my own real world experience. The biggest mistake I see drivers make when backing up is not pulling forward enough so the trailer can turn into the targeted parking spot on its own. If you stop in an open lot, turn the truck slightly in either direction, then keep moving the truck backwards in a straight line, the trailer will slowly turn sharper and sharper granting you make no extra manuevers with the tractor. Ideally you want the trailer to do most of the turning on its own with the tractor either following the trailer in or making minor adjustments when needed.



Other notes

  • When watching the tandems (trailer wheels,) you should be backing up slow enough to see where those wheels are going to end up and making adjustments as needed (I see ETS players trying to reverse at mach 10 and constantly failing even the most basic backing manuevers, slow it down!)
  • The longer the unit, the more space you need for any adjustments to work. If you have a 72' long unit (sleeper + 53 foot trailer) the trailer, in general, will move about 10 feet before any steering adjustments you make will start working. You may need to pull forward 10 feet or farther if you realize you need to make an adjustment in a tight space. Shorter trailers need less distance to fix backing errors.
  • It's also worth noting you need to recognize when you're placing yourself in a bad spot and you need to pull all the way forward and try again from the start. Honestly, that initial setup before backing up is far more important than people realize.
  • If you're trying to back a double or triple, then you drove somewhere you're not supposed to be.


If a sleeper and a 53' trailer is too much, get a daycab and/or a smaller trailer, they're far more forgiving for mistakes, then switch back to that sleeper when you want the greater challenge.

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Anything with doubles or triples is a challenge. Though i haven't done any reverse parking on this game yet. My old save was always Safe Parking.

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