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Official Convoy - March


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Our Official March Convoy of 2023 has been scheduled and you're all invited! 🚛


This month, we are heading over to the States where we will explore what Oregon has to offer! We will drive through amazing views and nature along the route!


The event takes place on the 4th March 2023 at 18:00 UTC


📖 Information

The convoy duration is estimated to be around 90 minutes, possibly a bit more if you're near the rear!  

No breaks are scheduled, but you are welcome to pull over in a safe place if you require to do so!  

The temporary rules for this event can be found here.  

You can find the departure in your time zone following this link.  






🅿 Parking

You may park within any no collision zone which is available in Ontario.  

There is plenty of space, please do not park on pavements.  

As for the destination, the Event Team will direct you to what company to park in.



Please feel free to comment or ask questions in our Discord channel #official-convoy or on the forum topic below!

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Nice initiative. I may say that I haven't been to Oregon🪵 for a long time. With the release of the next map DLCs for American Truck Simulator, I spent a lot of time in other (newer) states in south-east of the current map. I hope players will take a sentimental ride around Oregon. I remember when this expansion was released. Back then it was quite a breakthrough moment in ATS map dlcs (something like Scandinavia for ets2). Over 1000 people on the server in a relatively small area was impressive.


I hope everyone will have a nice time 🚚

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