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Hello, Well, there is a command on the euro truck console that locks the suspension, for example: I configured two keys on my keyboard to lower the front and rear axle of the truck I just put this command in the console: g_suspension_auto_reset 0 And it locks the suspension in what I want, as I want it lowered, even when I'm at 100 km/h it won't raise the suspension, as usual, but the question is, can it be considered a hack? Because I saw a video on youtube that a player was promoting an app to lower the truck, I'm afraid to use it, and the adm's will confuse it with this hack.


I'll be leaving the link to the video in Portuguese, which is my language, and the comment attached to the video explaining and "disseminating" the command



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I don't know what that video is but it looks like it is a third-party application that can lower your truck to a ridiculous position and possibly lost control of your truck.


However, by just lowering the truck using the in-game settings + that console command will not be classified as hacking. Because this is what the game provide and allow you to do so.

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