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Entrance and exit of Calais


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Suggestion Description

Calais is the city with the most players present and with the famous Calais-Duisburg road, this does not help, all these factors make that there are a lot of accidents (compared to other cities), traffic jams etc. .... 

That's why, to avoid as much as possible the ban and the long waiting of the players (and the heavy work of moderators) , I suggest to redo the entrance and the exit of the city.


What would I suggest? :

I have created a plan that I thought would solve the problem.

The plan remains rough, but it is understandable enough to share it !



The Map Legend :

1303563386_tlchargement(1).jpg.6dadcd8bcda9aa10fad8dc3bcd2a3064.jpg = Intersection with traffic light

315249748_1000px-bsiconstrred(1).png.b2e092ed5755d1c5302b7273b0468300.png = Road for trucks only (with Smart Sign)

1315511994_panneau-de-circulation-sens-interdit(1).jpg.3efbd7aea4b6820032544258b2928e49.jpg = Prohibition


Listing all, I propose to add: 
- Another garage entrance 
- Move the dealer
- Two roundabouts (one at the place of the intersection to enter the city and the other at the place of LKW)

- Move LKW
- A road only for trucks (to sort out a bit from there)
- A small road that is directly connected to the death road (Calais-Duisburg)
- Another road that is connected from the intersection at the bottom of the garage to the other road passing by the highway (so that the players can get out if needed) (I also added a gas station as there is none directly in the city but it's still a plus).


On the port side, I didn't touch anything.


I hope I haven't forgotten anything 😬


Why should it be added? :


It should be added to fluidify the traffic and to limit the traffic jams and accidents by putting several entry and exit in the city.


Written by KarThon10 and this translator (because I don't have the right level of English, I apologize for the language mistakes due to the translator)

Edited by KarThon10
I forgot to put the link to my profile in case I change my nickname
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