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[SCS Blog] Germany Rework - Stuttgart

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A while ago, at the end of our blog post dedicated to the rework of the city of Hannover, we teased you with a potential new look coming to other cities in Germany as well. Today, we are excited to let you know that our work continues with a brand-new rework of Stuttgart!


In order to represent the wonderful city of Stuttgart as best as possible, we had to tear down virtually the entire city with an exception of the recently reworked areas (airport, city circle) and build it anew. The overall layout is now larger and, in addition to exploring the industrial areas, you can look forward to taking a drive through some parts of the city as well.


The city has a rich history with discovered local settlements dating back all the way to antiquity and there are several landmarks from different eras that deserved to be featured in this project. Neue Schloss, the Staatstheater Stuttgart, and a castle in the distance are just a few examples of the amazing real-life structures that you will be able to check out. 


At the moment we are unable to say which city is going to be next on our path of bringing German cities up to the current standards, but keep an eye out on the blog and our social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok) to never miss anything important!

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