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With every new map expansion, we are edging closer to realizing complete production chains in the game’s economy. While we are not quite there yet, but important pieces fall into place bit by bit. In the upcoming Montana DLC for ATS, apart from being able to admire the wonderful local scenery, you will also be able to haul to and from several key points that are part of the forestry process!


With Montana’s forests covering approximately 26 million acres, it is quite clear why this production cycle deserves to be represented in the economy of the state. Especially since the need for truckers is constantly increasing due to the rapid improvement in technology and productivity. 


It all begins with the felling of the trees at Timber Harvest, which is probably an area most difficult to reach, as it is often located fairly deep into the woods and only gruesome, dirt roads lead to them. To make matters more challenging, you will have to haul the material through these paths again and head to the Sawmill, a facility where logs are cut into lumber. Afterward, a brand new depot called Landscape Supply comes into play. This area is technically a garden center, that will offer various seeds to be hauled back to Timber Harvest - a step that will make everything come full circle.


We hope you have enjoyed the look at the Forestry of Montana DLC, and we wish you a safe journey hauling between all of these areas, knock on wood. The Treasure State still has a lot of topics to be covered, so if you want to show us your excitement for the next one, make sure to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist! Also, to never miss out on anything important, you can also check out our social media profiles (TwitterInstagramFacebook) and give them a follow, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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