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Rules about the report system

Guest OCSC Antho

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Guest OCSC Antho

Suggestion Name: "Rules about the report System"


Suggestion Description: Clear and precise explanations of the punishments given in game according to the rule(s) broken, to allow a more respectful community of the rules, and more easily treated reports.


Any example images: 


---> The first screen show you (before creating a report) that you can follow the link to a new page "How punishments are deal with", to explain you more informations and help you to better understand.




---> The 2nd screen explain to every players on a new page, how reports and punishments are handled, according the TruckersMP Rules.




Why should it be added?


The purpose of this update would be to allow all players to understand how in-game reports are handled, in order to improve the community.
Currently, we only know that reschedules are handled at the discretion of the team.
Of course, it is understandable that it would be complicated to think about doing a complete update of the punishments given based on the rules broken, not to mention that every in-game situation is different based on many details.

But the important thing here is to apply neutrality to the whole TruckersMP community so that on the one hand players are warned of important punishments, but on the other hand reports can perhaps be handled more efficiently if we understand the situations, and also when we should or should not report.

Of course, the screens are only examples, and there may be many situations depending on the rules set, but I still think the important thing is to have neutrality on each ban and rule.

Hopefully this suggestion will be accepted by the TruckersMP team, so that we can see if the community thinks this would be a good idea or not

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Unfortunately, as far as i'm aware, it'll remain as internal information.

In your suggestion, you mentioned:


>  to allow a more respectful community of the rules, and more easily treated reports.


That doesn't really make sense to me as the ban length doesn't matter, as long as you have created the report if they're violating the rules. The rest of it is handled internally by our Game Moderation Team.


Therefore, I will reject your suggestion.


Kind regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager

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