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Admin drop-down box


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I just was watching a YouTube video of one of the admins and it has given me an idea in stead of typing the offence in the admin panel have a drop-down instead.

  all staff can would need do is click the arrow scroll down to the one they want and click 

Y do I think this is needed ?

well because I am guessing that not all staff yes keyboard and mouse 

Now even though I am not admin yet (I hope to be at some point) I have a steering wheel and pedals with a H shifter I can only imagine how difficult it could be

 like I said I am NOT admin  

This idea is purely me trying to put myself in there shoes. I also understand that not every where you can just stop  and deal with the matter 

I hope this idea makes it easier for staff to do there job  

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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