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Quick Report Function for the TMP Chat?

Van Webby [AT]

How to u think about a Quick Report Function?  

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  1. 1. How to u think about a Quick Report Function?

    • It will be nice
    • I find this unnecessary
    • I do not care

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How do you feel about adding a quick report command to the chat (key y)?
It could look something like this:
/rep (ID) (Reason)
So you don't always have to spend hours looking for a player in the player list, but can report him quickly.
The Input (Reason) could be used with either shortcuts (e.g. reckless for reckless driving, wrong for Wrong way....) or numbering (e.g. 01 for reckless driving, 02 for Wrong Way, 03 for Ramming....)

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Hello there,


Please use the suggestion template when creating suggestions.


After reviewing your suggestion, at this time, I will be rejecting it. We have the search feature on the Tab menu which allows you to quickly input a number and report that user.

We also have the option to "sort" the tab menu by name, id, distance etc. Therefore, there are enough features already to easily report a user in-game. 


Thanks for your understanding.


Kind regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager

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