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More Parking places on Event Server


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Suggestion Name:  Parking Slots on Event servers

Suggestion Description: It has often been noticed by me that when an event server has been requested by a VTC, there are only limited companies in the city that are available to players for parking in different companies. Therefore if it is a mega event then we would nearly have over 200 trucks on the server and it becomes difficult to put all the players under 1 city.

Any example images:  NIL

Why should it be added?:  There are many places on the map in a given city where other parking lots are closed by TruckersMP. My suggestion is to TruckersMP is to check if we can open a few of theses places especially on the event server so that it becomes easier for the Host VTC or Convoy Control VTC to manage people under 1 city. 

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B-I-H NightRider



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At this time I am unfortunately going to reject your suggestion.


This is because it would mean that the workload would go up by a lot as a lot of testing would have to be done and added to certain places for each event, therefore it would be a lot of work.


Thanks for understanding!


Kind regards,


Community Manager

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