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Huge FPS Drop when pressing TAB button in TruckersMP



Hello I am having fps issue when i press TAB button to see players ping as well as ID's.
Here is the video which shows better.  From 60+ fps to 20 fps when TAB is active.

Draw Distance: "Very Low"

Windows 11 Home
Cpu: i5 11400f
GPU: MSI Rx 6600 XT
RAM:Hyperx 3200 32 GB
SSD: Western Digital 500 gb
PSU: Corsair VS600

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14 hours ago, Lucas_xiaoZheng said:

Hi there!


Has your question been answered with the above given answer(s)?


Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum organised! 


I look forward to your response 


Kind regards,




TruckersMP Trial Support

Ya I turned off they said  flags ,load cabin accessories now  i loose like 5-10 fps on pressing TAB which is normal  . Not 30+ as before please close the topic

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