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Easy redesign for the Calais intersection


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Suggestion Name: New easy redesign for the Calais intersection

Suggestion Description: For me the easy way to rearange the Calais intersection is to mirror it, cause right now the trucks coming from DU to CA are crossing the trucks going from CA to DU. With mirroring the intersecton the crossing mostly ends and the traffic flow will increase


Any example images: 


Current: https://imgur.com/5TQBABX

Future:   https://imgur.com/sZLyI7r


Why should it be added?: as already said to decrease accidents and increrase traffic flow without using a new giant intersection


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  • _God_ changed the title to Easy redesign for the Calais intersection



Thanks for your suggestion.


For now, I won't move this to the next stage. This is because we are actively monitoring the intersection and applying changes where necessary. 

In regards to the image, it looks like you've just flipped it. I vaguely understand what you mean, regardless, we will continue to monitor the area.


Thank you for your understanding.


Kindest regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager

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