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Log Book Not Showing Completed Job



I have noticed that while I am playing in  MP games that the jobs I do are not showing up in my log book.  When I log into world of truck and check my log book the job I just did is not there. Also because of this my jobs completed does not go up. I just did a job in SP mode and it works fine. I'm not computer savvy. How can I fix this? Any help you be great.



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Hello there dear @StrachMan


First of all, welcome to Help Section on TruckersMP Forums.  :tmp:

I really appreciated, you shared your issue together with us.


On the start I would like to introduce myself 


My name is Petr, and I am member of TruckersMP Community. My hobby is asnwering/helping to others with their issues/questions as asoon as I am able to. I will do best for you to asnwer your question 





Answer to your question/issue:


I have checked all, and everything works fine for me, so there have to be a some problem on your side, please try to following solution posted below.


  • Have you tried re-loggin to your World Of Truck Account? If not then disconnect your WOTR acc from your profile and connect it again
  • Information about your logged jobs can be found here: https://worldoftrucks.com/en/ - Log-in to website then click log book and there you should be able to see your logged jobs.

You may know, that your profile account have to be connected with WOTR and for loggin jobs you need to take External Contacts. 


If there would be anything more to help with, feel free to Quote me here, I will remain your disposal. 


Good luck! 

Have a nice day






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Hi Red Wolf_TMP

Thank you for taking the time to answer me me back on my problem. I'll tell ya story that I hope by doing so you can help other.

I use my own trailers when looking for loads. After reading your answer back to me I tried a new way to log in. The old way of login in using those steps the only way the microphone would work was by login to Trucker MP forum site. I'm not joking on the microphone statement.


Old Way To Log In


Login to Trucker MP Forum site

Login to Steam

Login to Trucker MP launch icon and log in.

Login to ATS to launch the ATS game


And off I went into the game. Lately I have been using the Cargo Market to find loads.


New Way


Login to WOT

Launch TMP using the icon

Login to steam

Login to Trucker MP and login

Login to ATS to launch the game.


When I used the new way I found out the microphone worked. So under the new login way I ran a short load using External Market and it showed up in the log book. So I ran another short load using Cargo Market did not show up in log book. So I ran another short one using External Market and it showed up in the log book.

The only reason I was using Cargo Market was because you could go over 65mph.

I hope I made you laugh because I know I did. I will use the new way to login and stick with External Market loads.


Thanks for all your help.



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Hello @StrachMan,

We are glad to hear that your problem has been solved. 🙂 
Thank you, to all who participated. Have a great day! 🙂 

TruckersMP - Support

//Locked and Moved to Solved.

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