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Website: Hide/remove expired bans from your profile

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Suggestion Name: Website: Hide/remove expired bans from your profile.

Suggestion Description: Hide/remove expired bans from your profile to make your profile look a bit more nicer and don't have to hide the whole thing at all by making it private.

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?: As bans expire after a year there's a very good chance the video evidence link don't work (Most of mine for example the "evidence" has been deleted. And nobody really needs to know expired bans especially if they don't affect any future ones.

Just like @banbymistake we have the option to show or hide them, so despite it seems TMP enjoys to keep all records of bans including old expired ones we should be able to hide them atleast as why should "your" mistakes be hidden but our old accidents not be able to be hidden without hiding the whole thing? Most VTCs only care about current active bans and overall this gives us the opportunity to be more transparent and keep our ban history public.

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