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How long time needed for reply moderation?



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Hey dear @Bazilus)


First of all, Welcome to Help Section on TruckersMP Forums 


  • As far as I know, the reply from moderation team can take up to 3 days, depends how many Community Moderators are in the team now. As you can see, there is a recrutiment for CM, which is now open, so the waiting period between you and answer by CM should be shorter soon ? . Anyway please be patient at this time. If you still have not got any answer by CM Team, you can create a feedback ticket to Community Moderation Management -https://truckersmp.com/feedback
  • Also please keep in mind, that CM Team like any other Team do the best for us here, while they also have their personal lives, so give them time for reaply. ? :tmp:


Do not forget to let us know about your status of your question ❤️  

If you would need anymore help, feel free to ask me here, I will remain your disposal.


Kind Regards,

RedWolf [CZ]


HR Staff of GB I TruckersMP Veteran Driver II 

?? Rules I KB System I Support I Feedback

?? / ?? Pravidla I KB System I Podpora I Zpětná vazba

RedWolf_Plays I TruckersMP Veteran Driver III



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Hello there, 

We are glad to hear that your problem has been solved.  
Thank you, to all who participated. Have a great day!  

TruckersMP Support 

//Locked and Moved to Solved. 


TruckersMP Support Team Leader                                                                                                                                  



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