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This is a guide I made in the hopes of helping those who want to better their driving skills if they are new, or just give a refresher to those who are already experienced.   


My first piece of advice: treat the track looking holes in the road, like guiders for your drive

My Second piece of advice: ALWAYS, be sure to watch your mirrors for more than oncoming trucks, use them when making turns, when you are driving on a freeway, or just for general safety.  Try and make it a habit to check your mirrors when you turn your blinker on.


My Third piece of advice:  If you cannot see the white lines on the roads in your mirrors, you are to far into the other lane, be sure to get back into your lane, making sure someone is not trying to overtake you.  If you see someone overtaking you, stay where you are, if there are two players in each lane, then be sure to let them go around you.  You can do this by making sure you keep your eyes on the road, and your wheel straight.  After they have overtaken you, try and merge back into your lane.


My fourth piece of advice:  This is exclusive advice for those who do not have certain DLCS (Krone DLC, all tuning packs, etc.) If you are behind someone with the Krone trailer DLC, you will be able to tell, by the letters saying "BUY DLC KRONE"  You will have difficulty trying to see their taillights, as they are not outlined.  On truck DLCS, you will have to be extra careful, they have no break lights, at all. Both of them you be sure to keep extra distance.


My fifth piece of advice:  Be sure to obey admins NO MATTER WHAT   remember that they can and WILL ban you if you break the rules.  Admin names can include:  anything with senior/manager or if they have a red name in the chat.  This should go without saying, but I have seen too many times now where people get banned when it was a simple warning where they did not obey.



Okay, I hope this advice help you on the road, drive safely 😉

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  • Community Manager

Your guide has been accepted. This is some useful advice. Great job.


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Schak Bruijn

Community Manager

"Community Managers are responsible for a good connection between the community and the staff team. They answer many of the community-related feedback tickets on the website to ensure players are having a good time. On top of that, they interact with the people on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram."

Views expressed are my own and do not represent anyone else.

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