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The RSR, the Rolling Stone Race

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Suggestion Name: The RSR, the Rolling Stone Race


Suggestion Description:


Therefore everyone drove at least once along the Kirkenes Quarry Road, why not make a race on it. Player drive a Truck with a 6x4 chassis, a good engine (truck and engine the same for every player) and a non modified  4+2+4 HCT dryvan. Automatic gearbox is a must. You start at the beginning of the road, drive all the way to the stone mine, turn around in there and get all the way back. You can use differential, but reseting on the road, for example because you fell off a cliff,  is only allowed once by a watching admin. The fastest one wins.


Any example images: Nope

Why should it be added?: Because races are cool and this one is, I think, not just go full throttle to win, but also a bit strategic

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